About Us

Aerial Sim Training is a new innovative company with a fresh approach to Flight Instruction. Founded by Dr. Robert T. Longo & Captain F. Jefferson Strouse; between them more than 100 years of flying experience. Not bad for two young guys. Bob and Jeff possess a true love for flight, as most aviators do. They want to share with others the joy aviation has bestowed upon them. The best way they feel they can attain their goal of sharing their love for flight is through innovative, safety oriented, Professional Flight Training for General Aviation Pilots. With that idea in mind, together they founded Aerial Sim Training.

The unique idea is to provide Professional, SAFE Flight Simulator Training to ALL General Aviation Pilots. This is accomplished by providing use of the simulators to Flight Instructors so that they may be used for training their current students. Traditionally, most flight simulators are reserved for flight school instructors' use to conduct "in house training", while the Independent Instructor is left out;  not to mention the fact that most small flight schools cannot afford the cost of purchasing a simulator. Aerial Sim Training is the solution. 

The simulator we utilize is the Precision Flight Controls DCX Pro Motion. This state of the art Sim is designed for the General Aviation Pilot. The DCX will emulate 32 different general aviation aircraft, both single and multi-engine. The simulator has motion & dynamic feel, a 225 degree display and is FAA Part 61 approved for logging Instrument Initial Training, Instrument Currency and Instrument Proficiency Checks.

Listed are the approved hours towards specific ratings:
  • 2.5 hours toward the Private Pilot Certificate
  • 20 hours toward the Instrument Rating
  • 50 hours toward the Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • 25 hours toward the Airline Transport Pilot Certificate 
Aerial Sim Training also offers many enrichment courses such as:
  • Unusual Attitude Recovery close to terrain
  • Pinch Hitter Courses for the non-flying companion
  • Crew Resource Management / Single Pilot Resource Management (CRM / SRM)
  • Transition & Upgrade Training
Aircraft Transition / Upgrade Training is far easier to accomplish in a simulator, not to mention the reduction in cost. Training is enhanced with REAL LIVE Air Traffic Control communication, through the use of The Pilot Edge. This amazing feature allows for training to be as effective and practical as possible. 

Do you currently fly a
Cabin Class Twin Cessna 300 / 400 airplane? Aerial Sim Training specializes in Insurance Approved Recurrent Training. This outlined training course consists of Aircraft Systems Ground Instruction, Practical Simulator Flight Scenarios for abnormal procedures, and Flight Training in YOUR aircraft. The Recurrent Course is WINGS Approved and qualifies for an Annual Flight Review

Aerial Sim Training

"Fly Anywhere In The World and Be Home For Dinner"