Available Aircraft

We offer simulator training for 32 DIFFERENT AIRCRAFT!


    Skyhawk 172P
    Skylane 182RG
    Skylane T182RG
    Skylane T182
    Stationair 206H
    Centurion T210
    Centurion 210
    Chancellor 414A
    Golden Eagle 421

    Bonanza A-36
    Bonanza A-36TC
    Baron B-58
    Baron B-58TC
    Duchess B-76
    Travel Air E-95


   Warrior II PA-28-161
   Archer III PA-28-180
   Arrow III PA-28R-201
 Arrow IV PA-28RT-201
Arrow IV TC PA-28RT-                   201T
   Seneca V PA-34-220T
   Seminole PA-44-180
   Seminole PA-44-180T
   Malibu Mirage PA-46-                   350


   201 M20J
   231 M20K
   252 Encore



Flight Instructors Welcome!
     Independent Flight Instructors interested in utilizing our simulator are welcome to complete a checkout with one of our on staff simulator instructors. Aerial Sim Training is proud to offer various incentives to CFI's looking to further the safety and skill level of their students through instruction with our aviation training device.

 Wide Selection of Avionics

Since our simulator is re-configurable, chances are you can train in the aircraft make and model that you fly. Realistic instrument panels and flight characteristics are available for a wide variety of popular singles and twins. Establish or maintain proficiency, learn GPS technology or advanced cockpit automation. 

  • State of the Art Technology. All sims feature X-Plane®Professional high-fidelity flight modeling and the latest GPS avionics (GNS530).
  • World-Wide Nav Data. A global navigational database allows pilots to practice published approaches at virtually any location on earth.
  • Stunning Visuals. Visuals incorporate worldwide satellite imagery to produce beautifully textured scenes that are geographically accurate.
  • Controlled Environment. Environmental conditions can be rendered with life-like quality, including day and night operations and all types of weather.