Doing Your Homework


We are offering a new program that can help REDUCE your overall training time and expense in obtaining any license or rating! We call it “DOING YOUR HOMEWORK”. When you attended school you were assigned homework or if you had difficulty in a subject you did extra studying. In the Sim you can practice the maneuvers or tasks you and your instructor covered in your last flight lesson, Doing Your Homework. You will be better prepared for your next flight lesson by practicing the skills, so you can advance to the next phase of your flight training. You can stay sharp during times of bad weather by using the Sim to practice. Taking advantage of the Sim and all it has to offer you will save time and money. 

The way the program is designed, you practice on your own without an instructor, we will show you how to operate the Sim. 

GET STARTED NOW!!! Call 626-552-9214 or stop by Aerial Sim Training and sign up to take advantage of Doing Your Homework. Our special rate for DOING YOUR HOMEWORK is $300.00 for 10 hours of Sim Time. You won’t find any training opportunity like this anywhere!!! 

Go ahead and get started NOW!!